3 kinds of summer fruits that should not be eaten more, the first one is more susceptible to poisoning, the last one is less known.

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3 kinds of summer fruits that should not be eaten more, the first one is more susceptible to poisoning, and the last one is less known!

When the summer is over, all kinds of fruits on the market are on the market. If you have a baby at home, you may have to eat fruit almost every day. Although the fruit is rich in nutrients, the child eats more fruits and is good for the body. However, it should also be noted that some fruits, although nutritious and delicious, are not suitable for eating, otherwise they may cause allergies and even poisoning. Today, I will share 3 summer fruits that should not be eaten. We should pay attention to it, let’s take a look!


Summer is the season of lychee. In the Tang Dynasty, the story of Yang Guifei eating lychee, the name of Litchi was passed down through the ages, and the lychee tastes smooth and refreshing, very delicious, and is popular among children. However, lychee is a kind of fruit containing natural toxins. Especially when people eat lychee on an empty stomach, the toxins in lychee are prone to sudden hypoglycemia. In severe cases, they may cause poisoning. Therefore, it is best for Bao Ma not to eat too much lychee on an empty stomach, especially children who are not very good in physical fitness, but also need to eat less.

Suggestion: Give your child a litchi every day, about 5 is appropriate, preferably as a child’s dessert.


Watermelon is the best summer fruit in summer, and the watermelon is sweet, especially after freezing, it is more delicious and delicious. But be aware that watermelon is a cold fruit, and eating too much can easily lead to a child’s diarrhea. Frozen watermelons have an adverse effect on the baby’s stomach. Let the stomach of a baby who is not well developed, very hurt. If the baby’s stomach is really bad, then the child’s absorption of nutrition will also be worse, and eventually the child will be bad.

Suggestion: Don’t give too much watermelon to your child every day. It is best to give your child a watermelon at room temperature. Don’t eat frozen watermelon.


Orange is also a nutritious fruit with a sweet and sour taste. It is rich in vitamin C. It is good for your child’s skin. The orange is rich in nutrients that can promote your child’s healthy development. But oranges are also a kind of fruit that you can’t eat. Do you know?

Because the orange contains a kind of lutein, eating too much, it is easy to cause children with chlorophyll skin disease, diarrhea and so on. Oranges are not suitable for children to eat, but few people know that many parents often buy them for children.

Suggestion: Children should eat oranges every day, preferably no more than two.

For the above three kinds of fruits that are not suitable for children to eat in summer, how many do you know? For the health of your child, in this summer, be sure to keep your child healthy and let your child get through this summer.

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