Diabetes don’t eat this kind of corn, the sugar content is higher than the fruit.

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With the arrival of summer, a lot of delicious corn is on the market. Whether it is corn soup or boiled, it is very delicious. Nowadays, there are more and more varieties of corn on the market. There are fruit corn, white glutinous rice, purple glutinous rice… dazzling, in the end, can diabetics eat corn, which corn is more suitable for diabetics? Let’s start with the benefits of corn!

The efficacy of corn

1. Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Corn is a good grain, rich in dietary fiber, and eaten as a staple food. It is very suitable for the three high populations. In addition, corn contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid content of more than 60%. It synergizes with vitamin E in corn germ to lower blood cholesterol concentration and prevent it from depositing on the blood vessel wall. Therefore, corn has a preventive effect on coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

2. Corn can be eyesight

Corn contains flavonoids and lutein, which has a certain effect on the macula of the retina, so eating corn has certain eyesight effects.

3. Corn can prevent cancer

Selenium and magnesium contained in corn have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects: when combined with vitamin E, selenium can prevent more than ten kinds of cancer, especially the most common breast and rectal cancer.

Selenium can also regulate the work of the thyroid gland to prevent the occurrence of cataracts. On the one hand, magnesium can inhibit the development of cancer cells, on the other hand, it can strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis and promote the excretion of waste in the body, which is also important for preventing cancer.

4. Corn must have a cosmetic effect

Corn has a diuretic effect and is also beneficial for weight loss. Maize whiskers also contain a long-lived factor, glutathione, which, in the presence of selenium, produces glutathione oxidase, which restores youth and delays aging.

How to eat corn

1.When the staple food eats

For diabetics, corn is best served as a staple food, not to cook. If you eat enough staple food, and then eat these corn dishes, it is easy to lead to excessive intake of staple food, which is not conducive to disease control. Don’t use corn as a snack or dish. Because you eat too much rice and eat it as a snack or a dish, it will easily lead to excessive sugar intake. Because corn is rich in vitamins, plant fiber, minerals, a small amount of sugar, etc., it is a whole grain food, in line with the health diet. Sugar friends can use it as a staple food and eat it with some vegetables, which is very beneficial to the control of blood sugar. Moreover, cellulose in corn can promote food digestion and reduce the absorption of sugar, which is beneficial for diabetes control.

2. You can eat one

Diabetic friends can’t eat more if they eat anything. The same is true for corn, which is 75-100 grams. If it is a fresh corn cob, one is enough, and you need to reduce the intake of other foods. Corn is best boiled to eat, so as to ensure nutrients, try to eat less corn, because the other nutrients in the soup will be absorbed by the corn, resulting in excess nutrients, resulting in poor control of blood sugar.

3. Can not eat corn kernels to eat

Many people usually like to eat fried corn, or fried corn. In fact, this practice is not conducive to the control of blood sugar in diabetics. Because fried corn or fried corn requires a lot of oil, salt and other substances, so that people with diabetes eat more calories, which leads to conversion into sugar, resulting in poor blood sugar control.

There are more and more varieties of corn now.

Which one is more suitable for people with diabetes?

Sweet corn is juicy and sweet, sticky corn fragrant scent, and the old corn is more chewy. The different corn flavors vary, and the nutrients are slightly different.

Different corns have different effects on raising blood sugar. Among them, sweet corn has the fastest sugar-lifting rate, the second is sticky corn, and the slowest sugar is old corn.

Waxy corn is rich in vitamins

For the most common waxy corn and sweet corn on the market, the waxy corn is generally white, and the protein content is relatively high, rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1 and other nutrients.

The waxy corn starch content is as high as 70% to 75%, and almost all are amylopectin. This kind of starch makes the waxy corn sticky and soft. Compared with the ordinary hard corn, the taste is softer and it is suitable for people with not very good mouth.

At the same time, it is precisely because of the high content of amylopectin (a kind of polysaccharide), so it is not suitable for diabetics.

Fruit corn sugary super fruit

After the transformation of agricultural experts, some new varieties of corn have appeared in the supermarket, such as fruit corn, which has a sweet taste and has raced fruit. Fruit corn is a kind of sweet corn that can be eaten raw like fruit or cooked. The protein and vitamin content of fruit corn is 1-2 times higher than that of common corn, and the selenium content is 8-10 times higher, and it is easy to digest and absorb.

Although it has high nutritional value, it is also a “high-sugar” food. The total sugar content is about 30%, which is about double that of ordinary fruits, even higher than the sugar content of watermelon. Most of them are sucrose and glucose. It is easy to cause blood sugar to rise, this kind of corn diabetes is best not to eat.

Old corn has the slowest sugar, the most suitable for diabetics

When people with diabetes choose a staple food, in addition to considering the total amount, they should also consider the speed at which these foods raise blood sugar.

Because of the fast-growth food, the blood sugar drops rapidly after digestion and absorption, and the sudden rise in blood sugar suddenly causes more damage to people with diabetes.

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Conclusion: Sugar friends should choose old corn with more dietary fiber (feel the hard state, the particles are a little bun). Try to eat low-content sweet corn and waxy corn that is easy to raise blood sugar after eating. Learned today’s knowledge, let us eat corn this summer!

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