For those who have been insomnia for a long time, these kinds of foods should be eaten less, so it is good for sleep.

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Nowadays, the developed technology is rich in products, and the quality of life on the surface has been greatly improved, but physical health has become a problem to be solved. In particular, sleeping for one third of the day, causing a lot of people’s unhappiness, it is getting harder and harder to have a good quality sleep. According to statistics, nearly half of the people in the world face the problem of insomnia.

Even if it has not been in the society for a long time, and after 90 years of work experience, it has become a group of insomnia. This phenomenon has to make people wary of this problem. Today, I will tell you that people who have been insomnia for a long time, these foods should be eaten less, and they can all be good for sleep.

Eat less caffeine-rich foods. For example, many people like to eat coffee-flavored ice cream in the summer. Such cold foods, although they can lower our body temperature at once, may have a cooling effect. However, for people with weaker gastrointestinal tract, it is easy to aggravate the condition.

For people who have been insomnia for a long time, eating a lot of caffeine-rich foods, or drinking a lot of coffee or tea, will cause you to lose sleep and make people more excited. Even melatonin, which can feel the change of day and night, reduces the amount of secretion in the dark, increasing the difficulty of people falling asleep.

Therefore, for substances with caffeine, if you want to refresh, and finally drink before 4 o’clock, you can avoid affecting our spirit.

In addition, there is a nightingale that needs to be eaten less. Nightingale is a food that many people need to add at night. If it is a night snack in the summer night, I also like to eat a lot of barbecues in the northeast. Such bad eating habits and living habits can make you more and more difficult to sleep and sleep.

If you are really not sleepy at night, it is often a disorder of your biological clock. This is really not a good thing for our sleep.

Finally, I want to tell you about honey water. Summer is a good season for honey bees in the north. A large number of beekeepers will be stationed in the north. However, it is not recommended that you drink too much honey water at night. Most of the ingredients in honey water are sugars such as glucose and fructose.

On the surface, drinking honey water often in the evening may be good for beauty, but drinking it for a long time, the amount of activity at night is small, drinking a lot of sugar, and turning it into calories in the body becomes the basis of obesity. Most importantly, work that allows the stomach, liver, and other tissues to work overtime can easily affect our sleep at night.

Therefore, everyone wants to drink honey water, but also choose the right time. When adding food as in the afternoon, the feeling of fullness of drinking honey water is very strong, avoid drinking a lot of honey water at night.Also read, what time does a normal person take to sleep in night?

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