How to grow your own food – with or without a garden

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Growing your own food is the best game in the world because it’s finally dinner. However, it may be that you crush your back and that it will probably break your heart sometime, probably when the snails participate. So, where do you start on this rough but incredible road?

Many want radishes because they give quick results to the impatient newcomer, but the truth is that the division between a crispy and spicy radish and a woody and spicy pasta is good and easy to forget. Tomatoes are beautiful when they are in the sun and ripen on vines, but not when they suffer from a wet summer.

The truth is that it is not a very easy harvest, all food needs attention, but there are some who are stupid, as long as you do the basics in water.

If you only have one window

The lilliputic world of microgreen gives smaller areas the opportunity to grow good crops, vitamins and other nutrients. The microprograms are only plants up to 10 cm long and grow together until they look like a small forest.

You do not need pots or boxes with real seeds: A yogurt tray or a sink is enough as long as you make holes in the drain. Microgreens, however, is a miracle, since each cut marks the end of the plant’s lifetime. Therefore, you must apply again every two weeks. When you buy seeds, check the packages and look for those that contain more.

The entrance to this world, which goes from amaranth to hiding, is a dry pea from the supermarket. Spread the cheek through the cheek and cover with some compost. The pea shoots just harvested are fresh and green, as if you were playing on a summer island. If you succeed here, try radish, cabbage, broccoli, mustard, water spices, basil, goose (shiso) plants … The list is endless, even carrot plants are exquisite.

If you have a little more space and a sunny place, I would recommend buying lemon trees or kumquat. Not that you will probably harvest fruit shells, but because of the leaves that have all the taste of the bark, but in a subtle and interesting way. They can be used in curries, puddings or my favorite, gin and tonic. You can even add vegetables to coriander and spice up your game. Citrus fruits need bright, warm conditions in the summer and twice a week.

If you have room for outdoor pots.

Whether you are on a balcony, on a courtyard or just on the back, the paws create growth conditions for open floors, provided there is plenty of light and watering in the summer. Light is important: too much shade and your crops will fight. At least three hours of sun a day is required to get a proper fall.

Everyone wants to start with tomatoes, but you get more money if you buy a chili plant. Peppers are greedy eaters who must be stored in pots of five or ten liters to keep them full. When they begin to flower, give them organic tomatoes every two weeks. One or two plants will provide them throughout the year.

From fork to fork: five chefs and orchards.


If you don’t like the pepper’s heat, at the other end of the spectrum, try the beans, which are very easy to grow. In mid-May, it is the perfect time to start and plant every two or three weeks until the end of July, so that you can calm down early in the fall. They will reap the prayers if they are not thicker than a pen and only show a hint of seed. The best change I found is Faraday. The taste is unbeatable.

Each plant must be 15 cm from the nearest neighbor. Saw 2 seeds per season around the edge of a bowl so that the beans can hang on the edge. This keeps them clean from the ground. As soon as the flowers look, be sure to pour them, as they cause the fruit to grow. Otherwise, they will do all the work for you. If there is room in the center of the pot, you can plant a flower that fits the bees, such as calendula, to encourage pollination.

If you have land

The joy of the earth is that it does the job for you. The plant’s roots can penetrate the soil and look for minerals and nutrients. Friendly microbes help defend pests and diseases. Make a perennial plant by pouring it regularly until you see it.

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