Long-term Staying up Late Leads to Five Kinds of Phenomena on the Face

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The “Day and Night” is demonstrated in contemporary young people.

Some people work day and night, some people stay up late to read books, and some people play games late at night.

No matter what the reason is staying up late, it actually has a huge damage to our body, and there is a limit to the day and night damage that the body can bear. Beyond this limit, the body will send out some warnings as a reminder.

If these performances appear on the face for a long time, we are reminded that we need to adjust the schedule to avoid staying up late.

1. Dark Circles

I often see that my friends have very heavy dark circles. The cause of dark circles is actually very simple. Because long-term staying up late leads to insufficient blood supply to the eye vessels and eye fatigue, dark circles will appear.

So, when you look in the mirror, if you see your dark circles are heavy, then you must adjust your work and not stay up late.

2. Eye Edema

Long-term staying up late will cause the eyes to be in a state of intense fatigue. The blood vessels will be enlarged and blocked, the blood circulation will slow down, the eye permeability will increase, and the liquid inside the blood vessels will seep out from the blood vessels to the tissues, which will cause the eyes to swell.

3. Decreased Vision

Frequent staying up late, there will be reduced vision, especially those who often play night and night to play mobile phones and do not turn on the lights, the outside environment is dark, and the glare of the mobile phone is very irritating to the eyes, the eyes will often be in a state of fatigue.

And if the eye does not get enough time to relieve fatigue, it will easily lead to decreased vision.

Therefore, we should avoid long-term staying up late to face electronic products or long-term reading and writing, eye fatigue, eye vasodilatation and congestion, which will cause local tissue nutrition to be impeded, which will cause eye puffinessdecreased vision, and severe eye damage. Induces conjunctivitis, tears, increased secretions and other adverse eye diseases.

4. Face Acne

Our human skin enters the night repair state from 10:00 to 11:00 in the evening.

The most direct result of long-term staying up late is the secretion disorder in our body.

Endocrine disorders can cause dryness, lack of elasticity and luster of the skin. Especially for friends who face the computer for a long time, it will cause excessive secretion of oil from the skin. If the oil is not cleaned up in time, it will absorb a large amount of dust and other dirt from the outside to cause bacterial growth. The liver fire caused by staying up late is too strong, and acne and acne will appear on the face.

5. the appearance of spots

Frequently staying up late, friends often have dim skin and pigmentation on the face. This is because the secretions in our body induced by day and night make the original spots with hidden features erupt, or it is not obvious. The color spots.

Some people squatted and succeeded, and some people hanged when they squatted.

There are many young people who stay up all night in the society, and the senior people who are at the top of the society are blown through various means of the media: “Don’t sleep, more efforts will succeed” poisonous chicken soup, stimulating you still struggling at night He and I.

In summary, staying up late to lose weight is not sensational. Staying up late will not only increase the risk of heart disease or stroke, but also make people stupid, may cause cancer, and even die.

Because we as medical staff, doctors often have irregular situations, but as a professional and experienced person, staying up late is really hard.

So, even in the May 1st holiday, I suggest that you still have to rest well. he does not know what kind of staying night is mild, but the body is his own, only he can know, you still take care!

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