Woke up at 3 or 4 in the morning, but it is hard to sleep anymore? 3 reasons why do you reflect?

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“Insomnia” is an intractable enemy of office workers and student parties.

Many people will start an endless battle with “insomnia” in the middle of the night. This battle may last for 2~3 hours. In the end, we can rest with a tired body. “Insomnia” is only a temporary truce.

Waiting until the next day, such a scene appears again, we continue to fight for hours, even some people will suffer all night…

Yes, insomnia has never been a one-and-a-half-time meeting, but it has been repeated and it has continued to afflict us. It’s not that it’s hard to fall asleep, it’s going through a variety of dreams after falling asleep, or it’s constantly awakening. In short, “insomnia” is unpredictable and we can’t rest well.

Many people wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning after falling asleep, and then wait until dawn to no longer sleep.

In fact, one or two insomnia may be caused by stress or anxiety caused by stress or complication.

However, if you wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and cannot enter your sleep again, you should consider the discomfort caused by a certain part of our body.

What causes us sleep disorders?

First, endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders are common problems in women, and there are many reasons for endocrine disorders in our body.

However, ” melatonin “, which is closely related to sleep, is an important amine hormone that regulates sleep in the body. Once melatonin is abnormally secreted, it directly affects our sleep.

At rest in the evening, melatonin in the body will always be secreted, melatonin can regulate our body, but if we have endocrine disorders, then melatonin secretion will be too small, which will affect our sleep quality and sleep time.

The reason why the elderly feel less is actually this reason. When people are old, the organs and systems in the body will slowly age, and the melatonin in the elderly will become less. This is a normal phenomenon, so don’t worry too much.

But insomnia will inevitably bring other harm to our body, so we can adjust ourselves to improve sleep. If it is serious, if it is improved through life, it is necessary to seek medical treatment.

Second, liver fire

The relationship between liver and sleep is not corrected in Western medicine. However, Chinese medicine admiral “the heart of the gods, the liver hidden soul, the person lying in the liver to the liver “, indicating that the liver and sleep are inextricably linked.

“Hidden blood in the liver” indicates that the liver is an important organ for storing blood. The human heart and the liver soul can get enough nourishment of the blood, so that they can easily fall asleep and sleep all night.

If the liver is ischemic, liver qi deficiency will lead to yin deficiency, yin deficiency is hot, causing liver fire , in fact, it is clear that the liver organs can not get enough nutrients, it will cause agitation, causing people to lose sleep or wake up in the middle of the night, again hard to fall asleep.

The strong liver fire will not only bring us difficulties in falling asleep, but some people also have symptoms of dreams.

In view of this situation, the most important thing is that the mentality must be balanced, not in a hurry, to maintain a happy mood, followed by a list of diet, appropriate exercise, after a period of adjustment, insomnia will heal itself.

Third, mood disorder

Mood disorder refers to a mental illness caused by emotional or mood changes caused by certain reasons. It is called “disease” because it has a great impact on the patient himself. It is serious and can cause depression. If necessary, medication control is needed.

This kind of mood disorder directly affects the patient’s sleep, it is difficult to fall asleep, wake up in the middle of the night, and sleep disorders such as nightmares after falling asleep.

Temporary mood disorders, such as stress and major events, can improve symptoms of insomnia in other ways. Once a disease, especially a mental illness, is formed, it is necessary to have a comprehensive treatment of psychology, physics and medicine.

Some people suffer from insomnia because of illness, forced overtime or family events, some people should not have insomnia, but in the dead of night, it is not to brush the phone or chase the Korean drama to create insomnia…

“Sleeping on time” is more of a luxury for young people in the future. Once a bad habit is formed, people will be immersed in it and ignore others.

For example, the night-night family, no matter what time you are staying up late, is working overtime, playing games, chasing dramas, have you ever thought about the endless struggle of your body organs for you, but you can’t get a break? Have you thought about the bane of dragging your health when possible?


Close your eyes.

The outside world is isolated from us,

Camouflaged Armor during the day,

Soften instantly at this moment.From today on, please treat sleep with the utmost sincerity!

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